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mercedes glc coupe

mercedes glc coupe

mercedes glc coupe

A model student asks for a sloping roof version like the new Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé


Or don’t follow the regular GLC introduced last year.

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Today is the formula to wait for when the Tra Dao camp will release a new generation. The official Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe C254 is based on the GLC X254 model and cuts off the rear half of the car.

The design of the roof and trunk lid has become a perfect coupe version.

The exterior is the same as the regular GLC, including the diamond grille with a single horizontal line. Big three star patch, LED headlights, new design front bumper

The LED taillights are designed smaller and attached to the rear bumper to the license plate frame. The new alloy

wheels with double exhausts on both sides are 18-20 inches in size, have a coefficient of friction of 0.27cd, which

is only 0.30cd less than the regular GLC and 31mm longer of the previous GLC coupé: 4,763 mm.

Within the same Mercedes-Benz GLC footprint, whether it’s a 12.3-inch digital display, a large 11.9-inch OLED touchscreen center console with 15 Burmester quality speakers, 710W power, in 40 format: 20: 40 folding rear seats, with loading function Capacity 545 (390) – 1335 liters and ambient lighting in 64 colours.

2024 glc coupe

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Power for the entire range comes from the Mercedes-Benz GLC X254, both MHEV mild hybrid, PHEV – plug-in hybrid, petrol engine

and turbodiesel, with mild hybrid powertrain and electricity supply to support the vehicle’s electrical system with 48 volts.

A special electric motor with EQ Boost delivers up to 23 hp and 200 Nm of torque.

The 2.0-litre diesel and petrol plug-in hybrid features a lithium-ion battery capacity of 31.2 kWh,

This offers a top speed in electric mode of 140 km/h and a maximum range of 119 to 131 km.

All performance levels are linked to the 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission  and paddle shifters.

4MATIC all-wheel drive and plug-in hybrid models. It supports slow AC charging up to 11kW and supports

Fast DC charging up to 60 kW in 30 minutes. Bored The new Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe will go on sale in Europe from July.

GLC Coupe

The Mercedes GLC Coupe is an SUV from Mercedes-Benz.

Combining performance, comfort and cutting-edge technology. First released in 2016, this car has been designed to offer a smooth and comfortable driving experience in all weather conditions.

The car is available with two petrol engines, a 255PS 2.0-litre and a 362PS 3.0-litre V6. A hybrid version is also available, combining a petrol engine with an electric motor to deliver excellent performance and high fuel


The car has an attractive modern design and includes a number of advanced technologies such as a 12.3-inch

screen, a navigation system, a high-quality audio system and an intelligent voice control system that recognizes

voice commands.

In addition, the “Mercedes GLC Coupe” has  four-wheel drive  , which allows it to move smoothly on the road

Robust independent suspension makes for a comfortable and stable ride both on and off the road.

Overall, the Mercedes GLC Coupé is an SUV that combines performance, comfort and advanced technology.

It is suitable for those looking for a luxurious, modern and versatile car.

mercedes benz glc coupe

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The interior of the Mercedes GLC Coupé is elegant, comfortable and technologically advanced, with ample space for front and rear passengers.

The car is available with high quality and very comfortable seats which can be fully adjusted to achieve the best seating position.

The car also has a large storage compartment in the trunk.

This makes it ideal for long journeys.

The interior of the vehicle features an advanced entertainment system that includes a 12.3-inch screen and a high-quality sound system.

Also available

An intelligent voice control system that recognizes voice commands and makes controlling the infotainment system easy and convenient.

The car interior also has a three-zone climate control system.

A multi-color interior lighting system and a multi-wheel system

Features, USB ports and smartphone charging ports.

In general, the interior of the “Mercedes GLC Coupé” is characterized by a modern and elegant design and

combines comfort and advanced technology to create an unmistakably comfortable driving experience.

 the engine
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The Mercedes GLC Coupé is available with different engine options, each of which offers excellent performance and excellent fuel efficiency.

The basic engine of the car is a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine with 255 HP, featuring quick acceleration and power.

Exceptional dynamics.

Other engine options are also available such as B. a 3.0 liter 6-cylinder engine with 385 HP and a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine.

It works with mild hybrid technology and delivers 315 HP.

All engines are mated to a 9-speed automatic gearbox, which makes driving the vehicle easy and comfortable.

Overall, the “Mercedes GLC Coupé” is characterized by strong and smooth driving performance and offers a

distinctive and comfortable driving experience in every respect.

Different weather conditions and roads.

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