7 Types of Explainer Videos That Work Great for Small Businesses

7 Types of Explainer Videos That Work Great for Small Businesses

Video marketing works great for businesses of all sizes, and many marketers and business owners know this fact by now. Below is a chart that gives you an idea of ​​how videos can become more popular.


Cisco expects videos to consume about 82% of all internet traffic by 2022. Amidst the many types of video clips, explainer video has managed to establish its unique place in the heart of marketers.


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You can see in the image above that many marketers love explainer videos for various reasons. One can produce illustration videos from their cozy living room with the help of this free online animation software. If you want a great explainer video without experience and learn a lot, you can outsource the video production job to a explainer video agency.

The best explainer video agency has first-class professionals who can write a converting text, create a high-quality video animation, and insert appropriate audio into the video. One of the great things about the explainer video is that even small businesses can afford it.

Even inside the explainer videos, you will find subcategories of which we will discuss in this article

Seven Types of Explainer Videos That Generate Desired Results for Entrepreneurs

The US Census Bureau reported that more than 98% of companies in the US are small businesses with fewer than 100 employees. These companies play an important role in the overall economy. In this section of this article, we are going to share the types of explainer videos that can help small businesses increase their profits.

Here are the seven types of explainer videos that you should produce, publish and promote.

1. 2D Character Animation

2D animation explainer videos work for many types of business. The attractive point of this demo video is that it does not take much time nor money to produce it.


The affordability and ease of production of this type of explainer video has made it very popular among small businesses. In the 2D animation demo video, we fit characters, background, storyboards, and other objects into a 2D environment.

You can communicate your case, explain the concept of complex science, promote your information product, etc. with the help of a 2D animated video. However, you may want to opt for 3D animation if a more human touch is required.

2. 2D animation

2D infographic animation video is another 2D video that is suitable for small businesses, but it does not include 2D characters. In this type of video, you will see a lot of amazing visual effects in text, images, or we can also call it animation.

This type of video is especially useful when you’re promoting an annoying product/service, but you need a serious explanation. For example, a program like Microsoft Office requires you to make users understand its features, but it can be a boring proposition if you only use your face and surroundings in the video.

By making use of animations, you can make your videos colorful and dynamic. Viewers will enjoy watching your videos while learning about your product/service.

3. 2.5D animation

You can create beautiful 3D animation videos, but the problem is that it requires advanced animation skills and a higher budget as well as a longer time. The best alternative to 3D animation is 2.5D animation, which offers you the best of both worlds.

2.5D animation video production includes 2D images and 3D objects working side by side on the same platform. 2.5D animation allows you to make your video more attractive and human if you are conveying something that requires more complex animation than 2D.

4. Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard explainer video is one of the most popular forms of video for small business owners. The whole idea behind the whiteboard video is to use sequential images on the whiteboard. Keep in mind that a hand in drawing is essential when creating a whiteboard demo video .


When viewers watch videos on the whiteboard, they activate their mirror neurons. They will feel like they have accomplished something after watching the process of someone drawing and explaining the concepts on the whiteboard. You need to match the voiceover with the nature of the video to get the best result from the whiteboard video.

There are many whiteboard animation software that you can use to quickly create awesome whiteboard videos.

5. Direct explanation of the work

It’s easy to create a live explainer video, and no advanced animation skills are required to create this type of video. Creating a live video requires recording real people performing some tasks and explaining the process.

The advantage of live action video is that it helps you build a good connection with your viewers. Incorporating visual effects and the activities of real people can make your video interesting and easy to understand. However, you should focus on creating a high-quality video, and you may need to spend some money on actors, editors, and production.

With all that said, you can stream video live within a budget of $5,000.

6. Screencast explanation video

You may want to explain the process of using the software to the public, and it can help you sell the product you are showing them. Screencast video is the type of video where you record and narrate the tasks you do on your computer screen.


Most startups love this type of video, because the only thing you have to do is use some simple software and record your screen. People who do not want to reveal their photos also prefer this type of video. The budget you need for this video is very low.

7. Explanation of kinetic printing

An explanatory video for kinetic typography works great to promote many different types of products and services. It’s the kind of video where you get the message across by playing with words and other things in an entertaining way.

We choose the font and style of the video in different ways to make the words do the illustrative part for us. The right format, interesting text, and the right fonts can help you share your messages effectively.

What is your next step?

The types of explainer videos I mentioned are some of the best types of explainer videos for small businesses. There are other types of explainer videos as well, but these are the right types of videos that work great for small businesses.

I suppose you’ll look at this article before planning your next video marketing campaign. If you have read to the end, then most of you must have picked a few types of videos that you will produce and promote in your next campaign. What video do you like the most? Share your thoughts for a powerful cause with our community.

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