bmw motorcycle

bmw motorcycle


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It’s been a while since we’ve reviewed the in-depth specs of our motorcycles , Team Greatbiker. This return is not

normal. Since the model we are about to introduce to friends this time is considered to be the best of the sports car range

Complete aerodynamics from German manufacturer BMW  with  the  M 1000RR  , the camp’s first M Bike.


The 2021 BMW M1000RR  is a special edition motorcycle that carries the standards from the official BMW M Performance race team, which we all know from the high-performance M Series cars here  By having a new titanium piston that’s 12 grams lighter than before, including a new, shorter air passage. Resulting in the ability to increase the maximum engine rpm by 500 rpm, this gives the M1000RR a maximum engine speed of 15,100 rpm and is capable of generating a maximum power of 214 horsepower at 14,500 rpm. 6000 rpm or more

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bmw m1000rr specifications

In addition to the engine filling, which has been modified from the original, the exhaust system has also been reworked. By adjusting the overall pipe to be broken, the muffler pipe, including the exhaust passage that is clearer than before and adapting the new material that has changed to use titanium this reduces the total weight of the exhaust system by 3.657 kg,

It also features aerodynamic M winglets that create downforce at the front to keep the front wheel close to the surface. It can generate up to 13.4 kg of downforce or downforce at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour. Combined with the installation of a tall windshield in order to help reduce air-impact incidents with the driver and help separate the air when running at high speed


The main structure of the M1000RR will be a bridge-type frame made from the same aluminum material as the S1000RR. Maybe because of the price. The selling price must be less than €40,000 in order to be allowed to compete in WorldSBK the following season. Front suspension inverted, 45mm, adjustable in compression and rebound steps, 120mm travel, rear suspension: full floating pro, adjustable compression,


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bmw m1000rr

The 2021 BMW M1000RR will come with  basic driving modes Rain, Road, Dynamics, Race and Race. It is equipped with BMW’s top core IMU technology,

which enhance the performance of traction control, trail control, engine brake control, launch control and speed-limited pit lane, as well as fitting a quick shift transmission for upper and lower gears, and BMW Hill Start Control to assist starting and starting on steep inclines.

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For other devices The new TFT display is an improved 5-inch color screen compared to the standard 5-inch model

It features the exclusive M Competition Package to access the vehicle’s OBD data,

And program for GPS lap timer, hand parts and handbrake. 220-gram lighter ‘M’ carbon footpegs and beam, plus the company’s recently introduced M-Endurance series, are DLC-coated to prevent corrosion and don’t require regular adjustments, and a rear-seat seat cover. The add-on package costs £4,100, and the car comes in at £30,935  (  £ 1,239,043  ) excluding tax.

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the price 

For the Thai market, BMW Motorrad Thailand is expected to import this model for sale in a special limited edition,

And the price is likely to be almost twice as high as the standard BMW S1000RR. Compared to the standard model, the S1000RR is £1 excluding tax. So, the price for sure.

 500 US dollars

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