Cancer Support: Dealing with a Brief During the Vacations

Cancer Support: Dealing with a Brief During the Vacations

F For some people, this time of year can be difficult because they are scanning across the room, looking for a familiar smile, but are left wanting. It’s a time of year for joy and celebration, but how do you celebrate the season when such an important person is no longer a part of the festivities? When a loss occurs, we travel through a time formerly known as a freak event.

Trying to cope with the upcoming vacation while dealing with the pain can be exhausting, but there are a few ways to prepare.

Give yourself space

Understand that it’s OK to cry as you go through the Christmas season without your loved one. Make a plan to visit friends, meet with family, and let yourself be loved. But if the thought of staying surrounded for an extended period of time is overwhelming, give yourself some space. Respect your needs and walk away accordingly. Sometimes, acknowledging the availability of a backup option will comfort you enough to stay in the meeting.

Honor the one you love

Their memory will remain a large part of any family gathering simply because the loved one is not physically present. Consider sharing a favorite story about your loved one or creating a tribute to them. Perhaps honor his memory with a single candle on the dining room table or by hanging a sock on the mantle. Donating to one of your favorite causes or charities is a great way to remember your loved one and help others on their behalf. Putting your loved one before your mind will not interrupt the progress of your grief; In fact, it reinforces the important role that person played in your life.

Create new traditions

It can be difficult to confront past traditions knowing that your loved one is not there to enjoy them. It may be necessary to create some of your own traditions. Your loved one may not like the bustle of the mall, but you love window shopping. Maybe Christmas music gives you energy, so make it a source of Christmas cheer. Making vacations “yours” creates new memories that realize the power of being yourself.

Communicate with others

For many, this time of year is all about being surrounded by those we love. Oftentimes, we don’t want to be a burden to those around us, so we hide our disappointment, fear, or emptiness, but this is the time to let our loved ones help. Sharing your feelings is an easy way to let others know how much you care about the person you’ve lost. With that honesty, let them know this time is tough, and come up with holiday plans the way you want to honor the memory of a loved one.

write it

The grieving process can evoke emotions so diverse that it is difficult to overcome. While it sounds like an act of juggling, give each person their own space to be understood and recognized. Magazines are a great place to be brutally honest without judgment. This is where true feelings can be unleashed. Its beauty also lies in its ability to be a time capsule, showing how far it has come. Also, be sure to list what you are grateful for once a day. It may be simple or great, but the important thing is to find it.

Get help

If you feel this is too long to bear and the overwhelming sense of loss seems to swallow you up completely, seek professional advice. Many therapists know grief well and can help you cope. They may be able to comfort, direct, and direct emotions in a useful and productive way. Perhaps just one or two sessions with someone who understands grief will help release many painful emotions, allowing you to enjoy your vacation without the emotional burden. In the end, in the end, the loved ones who came before us hope that we can continue to celebrate this moment of joy in the best way possible. Throughout the entire process, I encourage you to seek love, light, and hope during this season.

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