What is marketing automation?


What is marketing automation?

We often hear “email marketing” used interchangeably with “marketing automation”. this is not true. Email marketing and automated email are included within what you can do with marketing automation but they are by no means the same. HubSpot defines marketing automation as “software that automates your marketing.”

Simply put, it is a way to prioritize your marketing strategies and corresponding tasks and implement them in a more efficient and streamlined manner.

Benefits of using HubSpot as a marketing automation platform

HubSpot creates the backbone of your digital marketing system. Using a structured and strategic marketing automation platform like HubSpot allows you to simplify your marketing efforts and make you and your teams more efficient. But the benefits do not end there. Here are the top 4 reasons we encourage customers to use HubSpot marketing automation software:


Whether it’s your team of 7 or a team of 700, HubSpot enables your team to get more juice out of available hours and stay engaged and focused on what they do best – creating revolutionary content and strategies that move your business forward.

Instead of posting manually to social networks every day, marketing automation tools allow you to automate the process. Taking it a step further, you can schedule social posts, email campaigns, blogs and landing pages, all in one platform saving your team time when it comes to creating integrated campaigns.


With the help of HubSpot, what once took hours and what used to take hours sometimes takes minutes.

Personal Marketing Strategy

When using HubSpot, you can view all visitor touch points with your brand. It allows you to see what works and what isn’t all in one place.


Since HubSpot allows you to see all the points a contact is making throughout the process, you have the right information to make strategic changes. You have access to everything that works in one place and the opportunity to automate marketing and sales elements for efficiency.


When a customer uses a platform like HubSpot, we are able to provide more efficient services and see how they work together. This also provides us with transparency into our marketing efforts and return on investment that we can easily share with clients.

Is automation right for your business?

Thinking of harnessing the power of marketing automation for your business? If you agree with any of these statements, it might be time to plunge into the world of marketing automation:

  • I want my website to generate more leads and be able to track those leads in depth using tools like lead score, lead management and triggered actions
  • I have a large contacts database that I don’t deal with regularly at the moment
  • I don’t have a vision on how leads will find me and my business
  • Not sure where my website leads are converting
  • I need a way to segment my contacts to further personalize my marketing efforts
  • I am currently using multiple platforms to implement my marketing efforts
  • I would like to see better handover between my marketing and sales team so we can better track results

Before going out and contacting HubSpot for pricing, etc., we feel it’s important to note that automation is a long-term strategy, so a lot of content creation and initial setup is needed before it goes live on an ongoing basis. Also, marketing automation platforms are something that users should be eager to use and add very consistently – it’s not a suite and forget about software. The system is meant to be actively updated, tested and improved.

Let’s wrap this up

HubSpot can be a great resource for companies looking for increased efficiency, alignment of sales and marketing teams, scalability, more in-depth reporting and a customized marketing strategy based on real-time analytics.

Being Platinum HubSpot Agency Partners, we are part of the capabilities and services offered by HubSpot but have worked on many other automation platforms. Are you looking to find out the pros and cons of other major automation platforms? Check out our blog post, Top 5 Marketing Automation Platforms of 2020.

Need help creating a digital strategy, integrating your existing strategy with an automation platform or deciding if automation is right for you? Let’s talk.


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